In the Christmas bakery - Tips for a relaxed baking with kids

In the Christmas bakery - Tips for a relaxed baking with kids

In many kitchens the oven is already running at full speed. In no other time of the year, there is more baking than in the advent season. Obviously, because who wants to miss all these delicious cookies?And most children are already looking forward to the kitchen battle. Baking with children is fun - especially if it is properly prepared.

With the following hacks, you can enjoy a relaxed Christmas baking with your kids:

• Choose a recipe together in advance that is so simple that the children will almost manage it on their own. The classic short pastry biscuits, rolled balls or sliced dough rolls are ideal for this.

• Get the ingredients the day before. Because nothing is more stressful than sprinting quickly to the next supermarket if you have already announced to the children that the Christmas bakery is about to start...

• Organise a separate workspace for each child, where they can spread out - without standing in each other's way or being impatient in order to get the next task to do. It is soooo much more relaxed for everyone involved if each child has its own place and can concentrate fully on his or her work.
Each one has a non-slip base, 2-3 different cookie cutters, a bowl of flour, a small rolling pin, a bowl with coloured sprinkles, chopped almonds, grated chocolate, and whatever you desire for your cookie decoration.

• Snacking allowed! As soon as the cookies have cooled down to a point where they can be touched, the less beautiful ones and broken off pieces are immediately snacked. Old Christmas tradition... ☺

• The most beautiful cookies are perfect souvenirs for the next Advent coffee or beautifully packaged as a Christmas gift for grandma, grandpa, godmother, or friends.

Cookies and also other small things can be given away wonderfully pretty in a large jar. To prevent the cookies from tumbling before they are handed over, and in the worst case from breaking off, just put a piece of tissue paper in the middle of the glass and drape the cookies around it. Once the lid is secured with the closures, all that's missing is a pretty sticker, a string and some pine green. Shop our gift labels now online in our shop - they are a limited edition!

Did you feel like letting the kitchen battle begin? Then we wish you lots of fun with your children - because the time you give them with baking lessons is priceless and creates memories for life...

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